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EventsLink Examples

Below are examples of how EventsLink Network Calendars may be customized to look exactly like your website and integrate seemlessly. This customization is usually free.
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Online Calendar Month View shows event management tailored to match a client's site.


List of events with Event Administration links.


Online Calendar Week View - Event Management Software uses CSS so you can customize it.


Online Calendar Day View allows you to see how your day is scheduled.

Event Detail 1

Online Calendar provides event details that enable you to promote your events.

Event Detail 2

Event Detail provides easy way to edit and make your events attractive in the online calendar.

Site Integration (Widgets) 1

Display events home page so people can always see current events.

Site Integration (Widgets) 2

Display group specific events on their own web page or anywhere one your website so people can always see what's going on.

"Better than Yahoo and Google's calendars, and easier to use."
- David Krasko

"It really is an awesome application."
- Bryant Rice
  Founder Visuance

"I like the look of the scrolling events on our website and I refer to it all the time to keep me updated and so I don't forget something important!"
- Margaret Harris
 Trinity Presbytery

"The online calendar is probably the best part of the website... it is one of those little extra things that make it 'tight', or 'off the hook!'"
- Staff Member
  Potomac Baptist

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