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Client Directed Development

We have added many new features at our clients' request, please see the list below. This is another aspect of supporting each other. If you need a solution that fits in our product model then we will add it. We do this because it makes our events management system or online calendar more useful to you and our other clients. Some of our competitors have a "CFD" or "Client Funded Development" model which means you pay extra for features you need. They then reap the financial benefit two fold, once from you for paying for the new feature and then a second time when new customers buy their product because it has that feature. Granted, this is a good financial model for a company, but it is not a good customer service model. We instead believe in a "CDD" or "Customer Directed Development" model which means that our customers direct us in what new features to add.

New Features Added at Client Direction

 User Approvals  Year Event List  E-Mail Events
 Print Calendar  Staff User Role  Print Event
 Clone Event  Reminders  Event Downloads
 Service Orders  Location Reports  Invitations

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